SwiftCash intro

SwiftCash is an open-source, self-funded system of decentralized governance and economy, born out of a desire to create a digital store of value with a consistent and stable growth model, as well as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for daily transactional use. You can download SwiftCash Core from GitHub, or use the super simple Web Wallet. Read the Whitepaper for more info


Decentralized Lottery

Lottery tickets can be bought with as little as 0.01 SWIFT. Winners are picked randomly based on a future blockhash. Draws take place every 5,000 blocks - appx once a month, and each time 3 tickets win; the winning tickets can all belong to the same person, bought in just one transaction, as burning more coins is the only thing that results in higher chances. 80% of the coins spent to buy tickets will become the jackpot and will be distributed between the winners. First winner will receive 60% of the jackpot, second winner will receive 30% of the jackpot and third winner will receive 10% of the jackpot. Click here for more info. Jackpot for this round is currently SWIFT

Buy/Sell SwiftCash on Crex 24 and AltMarkets Cryptocurrency Exchanges

HODL Deposits & Rewards | Best Rate 12 Months (HODL12) is

HODL deposits immitate term deposits in the traditional banking systems, however unlike traditional term deposits, HODL deposits are not lent to any bank, government, centralized authority or individual, but are rather locked in the blockchain and made unspendable for a set period of time.


Budget Proposals Voted for by SwiftNode Operators

Proposal Name Proposal Details SWIFT Required Yes No Abstain

Technical Specification

Block Time: ~10 minutes
Maximum Block Size: ~10 MB
Difficulty Adjustment Timespan: Over 24 hours
Difficulty Adjustment Interval: Every block
Mining/Staking (Hash): Keccak256
Private Keys & Addresses (Hash): SHA256
Maximum Supply: 5,000,000,000
Maximum Block Rewards: (4×2000×52560)÷(4×52560+nHeight+58300-2000)
Minimum Block Rewards: (4×200×52560)÷(4×52560+nHeight+58300-2000)
Distribution: SwiftNodes: 2%, Staking: 8%, HODL Deposits: 80%, Proposals: 10%
Masternode/SwiftNode Collateral Requirement: 50,000 SWIFT
Minimum Mining/Staking Collateral Requirement: 10,000 SWIFT
Minimum Mining/Staking Age/Depth Requirement: 24 hours or 144 confirmations
Minimum Transaction Fee: 0.001 SWIFT [100% Deflationary]
Minimum Lottery Ticket: 0.01 SWIFT [5% Deflationary]
HODL Deposit Fee: 0.1 SWIFT [100% Deflationary]
Proposal Fee: 10 SWIFT [100% Deflationary]
Budget Fee: 1 SWIFT [100% Deflationary]

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